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Farmer Registration


Farmer registration
DP [Name] [Location Code] {Owner identification}

Message formats

Register a livestock owner

DP [Name] [Location Code] {Owner identification}
  • Message is sent by a registered inseminator or para-vet.
  • The message always begins with DP
  • Farmer name – try to write the name correctly and fully, using first name and family name and capitals where appropriate
  • Location code – where the livestock owner lives, to the desa level (8 digit location code). Use CKL [name of location] to find the correct code.
  • Optional - Alternative owner identifier number if not using telephone number. See below for more details.

Identifying a livestock owner

  • At least 50% of farmers have mobile telephones which have unique numbers within Indonesia. The preference is to use a livestock owner's mobile telephone number during the registration process. The Confirmation step (KDP) allows the system to capture the farmer's phone number accurately and automatically and confirm their involvement.
  • For those farmers without a mobile phone, a different number may be used. Owners can be registered with an alternative identifier, such as:
    • their Driver's Licence: SIM (12 digits)
    • their local identifier (8 digits or less), such as an existing ID number from the local cooperative or a local farmer id scheme.
    • If this alternative identifier is used, the farmer does not have to confirm the registration as would happen for those farmers registering with a phone number.
    • Remember!! The number should be unique within its group, so if a famer uses a farmers' co-op number this number should be unique to that co-op.

Farmer confirmation if using telephone as identifier

  • This message is sent from the new farmer's own phone number.
  • The message always starts with KDP.
  • PIN code sent to the registering inseminator's phone during first registration step (DP).
  • Using the Farmer's mobile phone, the PIN code should be sent back to iSIKHNAS within 20 minutes of the initial registration step. If not, it cannot be used and the registration process must begin again.
  • This process captures the correct phone number of the newly registered owner and confirms that he/she is willing to participate in the system.
  • This step is not needed if registering using an alternative identifier.
  • Note: It is possible to register a livestock owner using his phone number in two ways - one will require the KDP and the other does not require the owner to use the KDP.


Step 1:

DP [Name] [Location Code] {Owner identification} 
but ignore the optional {Owner identification}

Step 2:



Step 1:

DP [Name] [Location Code] {Owner identification} 
Using the optional alternative identifier such as a coop code, 
local farmer code...  (See above)