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Population statistics


POP ([animal type] [number of animals]...) {location}

Population report

POP ([animal type] [number of animals]...) {location}
  • Population report always starts with POP.
  • Use KODE POP to find the Animal Type code for population code list.
  • Total number of animals of this animal type.
    • Sequence may be repeated for multiple animal types.
  • Optional: Location code if reporting from a different location to the one in which you are registered. Use CKL [name of location] to find the location code for the village.

Code Lists

Animal Type codes for Population reports


Code Animal Type
BU birds
KE ape
MY monkey
KL Kelinci
AY chicken
AYK chicken village
AYB chicken broiler
AYL chicken layer
AYLJ Ayam Layer Jantan
MUS Weasel
IT duck
MP pigeon
PY quail
AG goose
EG muscovi duck
KK Turkey
SP cattle
SPJ cattle male
SPJPRA cattle male dairy calf
SPJPRM cattle male dairy yearling
SPJPRDM cattle male dairy adult (2-4)
SPJPRD cattle male dairy adult (4-6)
SPJPRDT cattle male dairy adult (>6)
SPJPTA cattle male beef calf
SPJPTM cattle male beef yearling
SPJPTDM cattle male beef adult (2-4)
SPJPTD cattle male beef adult (4-6)
SPJPTDT cattle male beef adult (>6)
SPB cattle female
SPBPRA cattle female dairy calf
SPBPRM cattle female dairy yearling
SPBPRDM cattle female dairy adult (2-4)
sprbu sapi betina perah dewasa bunting
sprtn sapi betina perah dewasa tidak bunting normal
sprtt sapi betina perah dewasa tidak bunting tidak normal
SPBPRD cattle female dairy adult (4-6)
SPBPRDT cattle female dairy adult (>6)
SPBPB Pregnant Productive female cattle
SPBPT Non Pregnant Female Productive Cattle
SPBPNA Non SKSR Female Productive Cattle
SPBPTA cattle female beef calf
SPBPTM cattle female beef yearling
SPBPTDM cattle female beef adult (2-4)
SPBU sapi betina potong dewasa bunting
SPTN sapi betina potong dewasa tidak bunting normal
SPTT sapi betina potong dewasa tidak bunting tidak normal
SPBPTD cattle female beef adult (4-6)
SPBPTDT cattle female beef adult (>6)
KR buffalo
KRJ buffalo male
KRJA buffalo male calf
KRJM buffalo male yearling
KRJDM buffalo male adult (2-4)
KRJD buffalo male adult (4-6)
KRJDT buffalo male adult (>6)
KRB buffalo female
KRBA buffalo female calf
KRBM buffalo female yearling
KRBU kerbau betina dewasa bunting
KRBPB Pregnant Female Productive Buffalo
KRBPT Non Pregnant Female Productive Buffalo
KRBPNA Non SKSR Female Productive Buffalo
KRTN kerbau betina dewasa tidak bunting normal
KRTT kerbau betina dewasa tidak bunting tidak normal
KRBDM buffalo female adult (2-4)
KRBD buffalo female adult (4-6)
KRBDT buffalo female adult (>6)
KB goat
KBJ goat male
KBB goat female
DB sheep
KD horse
KDB horse female
BB pig
AJ dog
KC cat
KCL Kancil