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KOM : Komentar Kasus : Case comments


KOM [case ID] [comment] 
  • Message always begins with KOM
  • Case ID

Used by

  • Dinas staff
    • Veterinarians
    • Paravets


  • To allow additional notes to be added to any case by an officer attending the case.

When to use

  • Any time during a visit or after a phone call to note additional useful or significant information about a particular case.
  • During an investigation of an important disease.

Reporting process

  • Dinas staff attending a case or responding to an alert by telephone may include additional notes of particular relevance to the case.
  • Send an SMS with the start code KOM with the case ID then a free text message
  • These notes will be included in the full Case report and will be available for query by using LAPK.

Codes required with this message

  • Case ID


  • Once the KOM SMS has been received by the system.
  • A confirmation SMS will be received by the reporting officer.
  • Notes will be added to the case file.
  • Supervisors and coordinators may receive notification of these comments if they are associated with a priority disease investigation.

Follow-up actions

  • No specific follow up action expected or required.


KOM 2238 The animals were penned overnight with neighbour's animals prior to the outbreak.  Watch both animal groups.
Thank you.  You added a comment about 4 cattle (diarrhoea) from Tasikmalya reported on 11/09/2014.