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PK: Perkembangan kasus : Case outcome report


PK [case ID] [outcome code]
  • The message always begins with PK.
  • Case ID from the original alert and any subsequent actions (response, treatments etc)
  • Case Outcome code:
    • SB Well/Recovered
    • MS Still sick
    • MT Dead


  • Dinas staff
    • Veterinarian
    • Paravet
  • In some special circumstances, experienced and trusted Pelsa may be given permission to report case outcomes.


  • To provide additional and often final information about the outcome of a particular case.
  • Possible to receive an automatic fortnightly or monthly emailed report of cases without reported outcomes to follow-up.

When to use?

  • What is the outcome of the case? What is the most recent known outcome of the case?
  • Can be used for reporting the periodic status ( MS - Still sick) or final outcome (SB - Well/recovered or MT - Dead) of a case.

Reporting process

  • During a follow-up visit to an initial call or visit (Response) to a case alert (U or P).
  • To 'close' a case, Dinas staff should report current status or outcome of case.
  • Send SMS message PK

Codes required

  • Case ID
  • Case outcome code PK
    • SB Well/recovered
    • MS Still sick
    • MT Dead


  • SMS message sent to iSIKHNAS by reporting field staff
    • Confirmation SMS sent to the reporting officer
    • SMS message sent on to supervisor or coordinator to confirm case outcome report.


  • Field staff with cases still requiring attention (with or without previous outcome reports) should
    • follow up on the case with a phone call.
    • follow-up on cases still not resolved with a visit.


PK 2238 SB

[Case ID 2238]. 5 cattle : Recovered