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SK: Surat Keterangan Keswan : Livestock movement permit


SK [owner ID] [origin] [destination] ([species/breed] [number of animals]...) {ownerphone}
  • The message always starts with SK
  • Owner ID number
  • Location code for village of origin
  • Location code for village of destination
  • Species/breed code and number of animals of this type. Repeatable sequence for multiple species/types.
  • Telephone number of the owner if available

Used by

  • Dinas staff
    • Veterinarian
    • Paravet


Kapan digunakan

Reporting process

  • SKKH is required for all movements of the following species that move between different kabupaten:
    • Cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry
  • SKKH is issued by Dinas Kabupaten
  • To issue an SKKH, either:
    • the animals to be moved must be examined by a dinas field staff member, or
    • the issuing officer must be familiar with the current health status of the animals
  • An SKKH certifies that the animals at the time of examination are not showing any signs of infectious disease and are suitable for movement
  • In a kabupaten currently using iSIKHNAS
    • An SKKH must have an iSIKHNAS movement permit number
  • An iSIKHNAS SKKH is issued by submitting an SMS (SK code) with the required details
  • The iSIKHNAS system returns the permit number via SMS and automatically sends via email a copy of the SKKH
    • The emailed copy can be printed, stamped, signed and given to the owner, or
    • When there is no access to email, a manually written copy can be prepared, and the permit number (from the return SMS) written onto the SKKH.

Codes required


Follow-up activities


SK 123456789012345 63020202 76020202 SPAC 10 SPBA 15
SKKH nomor 208 untuk pemilik ID 123456789012345. Hewan: 10 sapi aceh, 15 sapi bali. 
Asal: Kalimantan Selatan, Kotabaru, P Laut Barat, Tanjung Tengah. Tujuan: Sulawesi Barat, Polewali Mandar, Balanipa, Tammangalle