Advanced Field Epi:Manual - Introduction

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Introduction to advanced topics in field epidemiology

This manual is intended to complement the Basic Field Epidemiology Manual. The Basic Field Epidemiology Manual has been produced to as a resource for para-veterinary staff in Indonesia and to accompany training for para-veterinarians in routine tasks they undertake while providing diagnostic, treatment and disease prevention services for the benefit of Indonesian livestock and their owners.

This manual on Advanced Topics in Field Epidemiology is produced to provide a resource for veterinarians to aid in investigation of priority or emerging infectious disease, and for assessment and utilisation of iSIKHNAS disease data to conduct disease control at district, provincial, and central government levels.

This manual aims to assist veterinarians to be able to:

  • Apply epidemiology skills in planning, implementing, analysing and reporting on disease investigation activities. This includes conducting additional field investigation studies to provide improved understanding of causes of disease and help inform on the optimal control strategies;
  • Understand the interpretation of diagnostic test data and information. Apply interpreted diagnostic test results to disease investigation and control activities including the development and interpretation of new diagnostic tests;
  • Describe, assess and compare options for control or eradication of animal diseases.

The information presented in this advanced manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the Basic Field Epidemiology Manual.