ISIKHNAS User References

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iSIKHNAS User References

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There are many types of users registered with the iSIKHNAS system. The User Type is usually set during the initial basic user training when registration takes place. The User Type determines the information able to be reported to the system and viewed as well as permissions to do various tasks within the system. This is to ensure that iSIKHNAS system and the data remain secure and accurate. The people who report data are those closest to the animals - farmers, village reporters, inseminators, vaccinators, dinas veterinary staff and a few others. People not involved in field activities are data users or viewers. The User Type you are allocated will help us tailor the system to your needs and data interests more easily.

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Field data reporters

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Manuals for Field Data Reporters

Users usually involved in reporting from the field include vets, paravets, pelsa and abattoir reporters. Soon the system will receive reports from other people involved in animal health including inseminators and even some farmers.

Laboratory reporters and data users

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Manuals for Laboratory Users

The staff in our laboratories share their data through spreadsheets and automatic electronic transfers of data. These manuals document this process for

  • A-Lab (DIC) staff
  • B-Lab (provincial) staff

iSIKHNAS Coordinators


Manual for Coordinators

The system is constantly monitored by high level users who have the greatest access to all parts of the system.

  • Regional coordinator
  • Provincial coordinator
  • District coordinator

Data Users

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Manuals for Data Users

Personnel involved in viewing and analysing data via the iSIKHNAS web site vary widely. Many data reporters will of course also be data users. The manual produced for these groups is a general guide to the use of the website and the tailoring of reports and analyses to meet the needs and interests of each individual user.