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LAB: Spesimen laboratorium : Specimen submission to laboratory


LAB [case ID] ([specimen type] [specimen form] {section} [number of specimens]...) [lab ID]


  • Dinas staff
    • Veterinarians
    • Paravets
  • Lab-B technicians


  • Submission of data associated with submission of samples for laboratory testing.
  • Linking Case ID with Lab submission
  • Forwarning the laboratory of incoming sample

When to use

  • Report sent at the time of the specimen collection during the field visit/sample taking.

Reporting process

  • Officers take and prepare specimens
  • Officers write SMS LAB to iSIKHNAS
  • Officers write iSIKHNAS Case ID on sample

Codes required


  • Once the SMS is sent, the Reporter
    • will receive confirmation SMS from the system
    • This SMS will also be forwarded to the destination laboratory personnel

Follow up actions

  • Laboratory workers test and report results of sample which will be automatically sent to the officer responsible.
    • if necessary, additional site visits may be necessary to take further specimens


LAB 2055 FES SG PAR 2 730801

Thank you.  [ID kasus 2055] You have sent a specimen to BBVet Maros: 2 stool without a preservative for Parasitology testing from Puncak, Sinjai Seletan, Sinjai, Sulawesi Seletan.