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Training resources

iSIKHNAS Training Resources

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Training new users to become confident users to the iSIKHNAS system is vital for the ongoing success of the system. There are many aspects and components to the system so to assist with the training of the full range of user types in the different components the material has been broken up into manageable portions or modules.


Staff Technical Development


This section provides animal health staff, potential course facilitators and other interested people access to all the training packages developed to support the introduction and use of Indonesia's integrated animal health information system, iSIKHNAS. The system allows all registered users to access data in real time, to use automated reports and analysis. These training courses are aimed at strengthening staff capacity in the collection, use, and interpretation of this data. They include GIS, Field Epidemiology, Surveillance and other practical field level courses.


iSIKHNAS Training Videos: work in progress, subtitles to be added

1-Reset your own password
2-Reset password for another user
3-Change language settings
4- Dashboard widgets
5- Update user details
6- Interface menu options
7- Create new user
8- Favourite report
9- New tags and categories
10- Create a table report - Part 1
10- Create a table report - Part 2
11- Create a graph report
12- Add a date parameter
13- Report parameters
14- Add a date range parameter
15- Translation table
16- Helper name functions
17- Helper location function
18- Helper child functions
19- Wiki technical section
20- Create a map report