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Example.jpg==welcome to my page==


I live and work in Jakarta. I am enjoying my work as a new Champion for iSIKHNAS.



[[File:Example.jpg]] I like penguins

I want to be a great Champion

My computer has a lot of viruses.

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I choose the surveillance material. Because the first measure if we want to know about the animal disease status of the area,we have to surveillance. Surveillance is the base measure if we will treatment on animal population, causative agent and environment. The fundamental basis of surveillance can confirm the diagnosis of the result of laboratory test. This method can be used to detemine the species as a source of disease agents, develop a protocol to reduce the potential exposure of animal and human,determine the temporal and spatial variations of the disease, the role of the species in the ecology of disease, the host range and the degree of vulnerability and to do the mapping and identification of disease.

[|video isikhnas]