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What is iSIKHNAS?

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iSIKHNAS is Indonesia's integrated real-time information system for collecting, managing, reporting and using data to support animal health and production. It is:

  • bottom-up and people-focused - is primarily concerned with bringing benefits to field users
  • multi-portal - can be accessed by SMS, Web, e-mail, instant messaging etc.
  • fast - data is sent directly from the field to the integrated database for automated checking, analysis and immediate reporting
  • effective - iSIKHNAS gets the right information, at the right time, to the right people, in the right form to enable good evidence-based decision-making.


Short video about iSIKHNAS

Understanding iSIKHNAS data

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The data available through iSIKHNAS is extremely comprehensive and managed in a relational database. Over 200 output reports have been created to make accessing the data easier and more tailored to users' needs. They include charts, maps and tables.


User References

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Information for users of the system, including:

  • manuals for different user types (field disease reporters, village reporters, laboratory staff, inseminators, abattoir reporters etc.)
  • manuals for data users (how to access data on this web site)
  • code lists and national data standards for reporting.



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A rich resource with a collection of comprehensive training modules on:

  • specific technical training on the collection and management of data using iSIKHNAS, and
  • general skills on field epidemiology, surveillance, budget advocacy, epidemiological data analysis, mapping, Excel and much more.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


General and technical questions and answers about iSIKHNAS. Topics include:

  • General information about iSIKHNAS, its purpose and management
  • Submitting data through the various portals
  • Accessing data, via SMS, the web site or direct database access


Technical References

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Technical information and system documentation, for system administrators and those that are really interested in the boring details. This section has information on:

  • Information managed by iSIKHNAS
  • Full technical database and internal functions reference
  • Documentation on system setup and maintenance
  • Links to information for editors of this web site




Visit our new gallery. It is still under development but soon you will be able to see lots of photos of staff, animals, field work and training.