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Each user is entered on one row, with the different details in different columns. Some columns are controlled so you can only enter values from the drop down pick lists. Others are formulae and are calculated automatically. The data for each of the columns is:

  • ID Pelatihan: the course ID as shown when you created the course on the iSIKHNAS web site.

Note. This is not yet implemented so leave this column empty

  • Nama depan: first name. Please use proper capitalisation
  • Nama belakang: second name. Please use proper capitalisation. If the person only has one name, leave this blank
  • Telepon: The mobile phone number. Enter this starting with 08, with no spaces or other punctuation.

Be very careful to get the phone number correct as it is used as the persons user name when accessing the system

  • Email: If the user has a email address, they can use this as their user name to log on to the iSIKHNAS web site, and also use it to receive automated daily, weekly and monthly reports. Please enter this very carefully and double check that it is correct. If the user has no email address, either create a new email address for them, or leave it blank.

Important: NEVER use the same email address for more than a single user. This is a security risk and means that some users will not receive their reports.

  • Kata sandi: The user's password. Please choose a good password.
  • User's location: You should always enter the full details of the user's location, down to the village level for every user. For staff, this is the location of their office. For farmers or others, this is the location of their home or farm. To choose the location, first click on Provinsi and pick from the list. Then click on Kabupaten and pick from the list, and so on. The code for the location will be automatically displayed.
  • User's area of responsibility: All users that submit data should have an area of responsibility, indicating the area from which they are authorised to submit data. This may be the province, the district, the subdistrict or the village. If the user has more than one areas of responsibility, choose the first in the spreadsheet and then edit the detail on-line. The code will be automatically displayed.
  • Infrastruktur: All government users and many others will have associated infrastructure. This is the lab, Dinas office, checkpoint, abattoir etc that the person works at. Pick the type of infrastructure first, then the specific name from the next column. The code will be automatically displayed.
  • Kelompok pengguna: The user group or user type. This determines what permissions the new user will have on the system. Please make sure this is correct. If a user has more than one group, enter the main group for the training, and then update the details on line afterwards.