Mangement of the System

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Management of the System

The management of the iSIKHNAS animal health information system will be overseen by a committee appointed by the Director General of Animal Health and Livestock Services. This committee will comprise senior representation from key stakeholder groups including Production, Veterinary Public Health, Drugs Administration and Quarantine, for example.

The management committee will be supported by the technical expertise provided by the System Administrators (Champions) and the Epidemiology Advisory Panel (Epi Leaders).

Key subsectors involved in certain specialist areas such as Production and Public Health will appoint coordinators to lead the oversight and training of officers involved in these activities.

Each administrative level will appoint a coordinator appointed and that person will be given detailed training in the use and oversight of the system. This will mean that every region, province and kabupaten will have a designated iSIKHNAS coordinator. Some areas may choose to share the coordination between two or three staff members to ensure that the system is monitored and users are supported at all times.

ISIKHNAS management structure v1.png