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SP : Sumber Penyakit : Source of disease


SP [case ID] [source code] {location}

Used by

  • Veterinarian undertaking a disease investigation
  • Paravet assisting a veterinarian with a disease investigation


  • To report information about the known or suspected source of the disease outbreak.

When to use

  • From the field, during an outbreak of an important or priority disease investigation to add information about the source of disease.

Reporting process

  • After discussions with affected community, checking movement records etc, the investigating vet should send a SP report to ensure that suspected source of disease information is included with the full investigation and case file.

Codes required with this message


  • A response will be automatically sent to the submitters phone confirming the report. Subsequent alert messages will be sent to senior staff receiving updated information on the case (usually at the discretion of the district/provincial coordinator in cooperation with the regional coordinator).

Follow-up actions

  • It is possible to send additional SP reports if new information comes to hand. These messages are time stamped and all reports submitted will remain as part of the case file.