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Location codes ensure that all data entered into the iSIKHNAS system is referenced to a particular geographical location. This makes the data much more powerful and useful to analyse.

Location codes can be different in length

  • 2 digit codes indicate the province
73  Sulawesi Selatan
  • 4 digit codes indicate the province and kecamaten
7301  Selayar kecamatan in Sulawesi Selatan
  • 6 digit codes indicate the location to the kabupaten level
730101  Pasimarannu
  • 8 digit codes indicate the location to the village/desa level
73010101  Komba Komba 

Location codes can change if, for example, it is decided to split a village or move a kabupaten from one kecamatan to another. The local coordinator will be in charge of doing this if it necessary.

Every user of the system is registered at a particular location where he or she usually works. This will almost always be down to the desa level. It could even be a more precise location such as a particular laboratory, dinas office or slaughterhouse and will sometimes use specific infrastructure codes. The area of responsibility of each user is also recorded and this might only be one or two desa (for a village level reporter, for example) or it might be an entire province (for a provincial coordinator).



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