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Disease Investigation for Para-vets

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A basic course for para-vets in the practical, clinical procedures involved in the investigation of an animal health problem.

Veterinary services Indonesia are a part of the national animal health system implemented by Animal Health Centres (puskeswan) at the subdistrict level. The puskeswan has an organizational structure well suited to its front line position in Animal Health., with one veterinarian and several para-veterinarians or field animal health officers. They are expected to be able to undertake activities effectively and to manage resources efficiently.

Disease investigation is one of puskeswan responsibilities and its managers must understand and have good disease investigation skills. Puskeswan staff should have good field disease investigation skills and be able to provide helpful information on diagnosis and treatment to livestock owners. This BIMTEK provides basic technical reference for staff conducting disease investigation. It covers technical principles and helps investigators address field conditions in their areas. Additional materials related to animal health service or animal disease management that match local needs can be added.

This course includes sessions on the following;

  • Disease investigation: responsibilities of the investigator
  • Basic Principles of Diseases
  • Pre-investigation: Coordination, confirmation and preparation before going to the field
  • Biosecurity and biosafety (self-protection)
  • On site: Disease Investigation
    • Effective communication
    • Taking a case history
    • Physical examination
    • Environmental examination
    • Selecting, taking and submitting relevant samples
    • Before you leave
  • Follow-up actions
  • Examples of information analysis

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