Helping people to learn

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8. How to help people learn better

Before participants can even start learning in a training course, they need:

  • to feel comfortable on all levels (physically, emotionally and intellectually)
  • to feel connected with the trainer and other people in the room
  • to understand the benefit of being in the training

So, as a training facilitator, what can you do to help in the fulfilment of these basic needs? The efforts a good trainer or communicator makes towards the creation of a positive, welcoming and inclusive learning environment are crucial to the success of any training. If learners feel comfortable, so too will the trainer and together they can get on with the job of exploring and understanding the material they have to share.

To learn effectively people need to be

  • motivated, alert, curious, relaxed, focused, energized, interested

People do not learn effectively if they are

  • tired, bored, lethargic, resentful, resistant, confused, stressed, preoccupied, distracted, anxious, embarrassed