How does it work?

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How does it work?

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In districts all over Indonesia, staff working in animal health, production, movement, quarantine, slaughterhouses and laboratories are all able to submit data using SMS, instant messaging, spreadsheets and the iSIKHNAS website as well as to refer to data on the website or sent to them in automated reports. As soon as data is submitted it becomes immediately useable for decisions and analysis.

Rural communities throughout Indonesia will now have faster and better targeted veterinary assistance when they report animal health problems. Using village animal health reporters (pelsa) as a contact point, farmers will be able to alert their local dinas staff more quickly and reliably using a simple, coded SMS message.

Alerts are sent automatically to para-vets and vets working in the area. Field staff are able to determine the urgency and respond appropriately with by phone and/or visits. So now, staff throughout Indonesia can stay better connected with their local communities by responding to alerts of problems (routine and priority) in a more effective and timely manner. Farmers get immediate benefits.

Information is submitted to the system by trained, authorised users. Depending on the volume of data, its origin or purpose, it can be submitted using different everyday mechanisms - SMS, Instant Messaging, spreadsheets or via the website. The data is then checked, processed and stored in the iSIKHNAS database. This database has been carefully designed by specialists in the field to ensure that it will be flexible, efficient, robust, and secure for a very long time to come. It dictates how data is organised and how it can be used.

The website is the key access point for access to iSIKHNAS data. As each new district becomes involved their data will immediately become available on-line. It will be stored safely but will always remain accessable by any user with permission to view the data. The original data is never manipulated or changed. The hard work of the field staff lies at the heart of the success of iSIKHNAS and the system is built on the fine service they are providing to rural communities throughout Indonesia. iSIKHNAS dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork and administration required of field staff, allowing them more time to work on the ground, helping the diverse communities so important to Indonesia's future food security and prosperity.

iSIKHNAS now lets us make better decisions about:

  • how budget is used,
  • how staff are managed,
  • if treatments are successful,
  • how successful control programs are,
  • how well we are supporting our staff,
  • if our goals are being achieved,
  • where we should focus our resources,
  • which staff require more training.... and the list goes on.

Fast. Easy to use. Secure. Inexpensive. Transparent. For everyone.

You can watch this video which gives a vision of how iSIKHNAS will change the life of a para-vet.

Video - A day in the life of a para-vet