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S3 Storage Buckets

AWS S3 storage provides highly expandable, backed up, rapid access storage shared amongst all servers in the VPC. Different buckets are used for different purposes.

The main S3 storage buckets include:

    • This is a low-security bucket with files used for web delivery, including css, javascript and images. This is the only bucket in which files can be accessed through public addressing.
  • aipeid.isikhnas.reports
    • Temporary storage of generated output reports
    • Long term storage of templates and images for creation of template-based reports, such as client reports from laboratory submissions, movement certificates and animal registration certificates.
  • com.isikhnas.emailattachments
    • Temporary storage of files to be attached to outgoing emails
  • aipeid.isikhnas.logs
    • System log files
  • aipedi.isikhnas.backups
    • Six-hourly backups of the database and the Wiki. These are replicated for triple-redundant off-site backup.