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Modul 8: Using Instant Messaging

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Instant Messaging allows you to send short text messages from your phone to iSIKHNAS over the Internet instead of using SMS.

You must have a smart phone with an internet connection to use Instant Messaging

The benefits of iSIKHNAS-IM are:

  • Cheaper - once you have an internet connection, there is no extra cost for sending an IM. Unlike SMS, you don't need to spend pulsa for each message you send.
  • Bigger messages - Instant messages can be longer than SMS, so it is easier to send and receive more data
  • Training - IM is useful for running training courses. You can demonstrate sending SMS messages, using IM from your computer, so the message and reply can be displayed on the screen or on a projector for others to see.

What messages can I send with iSIKHNAS-IM?

The message format with IM is exactly the same as with SMS. You can send any iSIKHNAS SMS message using IM. You will receive any response via IM as well, but alert messages to other users will always be sent by SMS. If you receive an alert message because of data submitted by another user, you will always receive it by SMS, not IM.

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