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TK : Culling


CUL [program ID] ([species] [total animals]...) [location ID] 
  • Program ID for the outbreak or disease control program
  • Species
  • Total animals of that species
    • Sequence may be repeated for multiple species
  • Location ID: Optional but will be commonly required: Village location code for villages outside the normal place of work.

Used by

  • Dinas veterinarian
    • assisted by experienced paravets


  • To report culling activities conducted as part of a disease control program, outbreak or other similar activity.
  • To record losses due to an outbreak.

When to use

  • During outbreak as a disease control mechanism.

Reporting process

Codes required with this message

  • Program ID for this activity from the district or sometimes provincial coordinator
  • Species code using KODE SP
  • Location code (optional) if working outside the normal area of work.


Follow-up actions