Operational instructions:Q

Q: Pertanyaan


Q [petanyaan]
  • Pesan diawali dengan Q
  • Ketikan pertanyaan dan pernyataan anda

Used by

  • All users.


  • This message allows a freetext message to be sent through the system and automatically forwarded through to the most appropriate staff member in the chain of command.
  • It is largely intended for lower level or more isolated users who need assistance but who perhaps do not have sufficient credit on their phone to make a voice call. Any user is welcome to use the message however.
  • This message may be used by users to offer feed back on the system. Some messages may not need an immediate response but may offer constructive suggestions for improving the system and these will be forwarded to the system administrators.

When to use

  • Users may use this message format at any time.

Reporting process

  • Users send in a freetext message after the code Q.
  • All messages will be read. Messages which require an immediate response will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Codes required

  • No codes are required.


Thank you.  Your question has been passed on to an iSIKHNAS coordinator.

In addition, several messages are sent to key people within your area and of course the system administrators monitor all messages and will try to adopt suggestions and comments of users.

The following message was sent by Siti Fatimah (081217053909) at 6.11pm. Please respond if necessary. 
I have lost my Quick reference cards and need some help with message formats.  Please call back.

Follow-up actions

  • It is intended that all messages will be read by those to whom they are forwarded and if a response is required then they will do their best to assist.


Q Apa saja gejala klinis penyakit Avian Influenza pada ayam
Terima kasih. Pertanyaan anda telah dikirim ke koordinator isikhnas.