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SLAB: Laporan surveilans : Active surveillance


SLAB [program ID] ([species] [number of animals]...) [location] {lab ID}
  • The active surveillance report always begins with SLAB.
  • Surveillance Program ID
  • Species code
  • Number of animals of this species tested
    • This sequence may be repeated for reports involving multiple species, separated by a space
  • Village location code
  • Laboratory ID code where the samples will be sent.

Used by

  • Dinas staff
    • Veterinarians
    • Paravets


When to use

Reporting process

Codes required

  • Surveillance program ID number is provided by the iSIKHNAS coordinator.
  • Use KODE SP to find the species code from the species code list.
  • Use CKL [name of location] to find the desa location code where activity takes place.
  • Optional: Lab ID code where the specimens will be sent. Use CKI LAB [location code] to find the Lab ID codes in your area.


Follow-up actions


SLAB 18 SP 100 KR 50 76020202 730801 
Laporan surveilans untuk Program Pembebasan Brucellosis  di Sulawesi Barat, Polewali Mandar, Balanipa, Tammangalle. sapi 100; kerbau 50