Query system codes

Getting information from the system via your mobile phone

Request a code listing from the system

KODE {code type}
  • Code types:
    • SP (species)
    • RP (abattoirs)
    • JHRP (slaughter animal types)
    • POP (population types)
    • TAN (signs)
    • AH (animal fate)
    • JP (user types)
    • PK (case outcomes)
    • SL (lab sections)
    • BS (specimen form)
    • SIN (priority syndromes)
    • SUM (source of disease)
    • UC (rapid tests)
    • TL (tindakan lain)
    • JI (infrastructure type)

Search a particular code from a list

CKO [drug]
CKT [sign]
CKP [disease]
CKJS [specimen type]
CKL [location name]
CKI [infrastructure type] [location]
DKL [location code]

DKB [species code]

Reports of specific data related to animals, cases or locations

DHP {Farmer ID}
LAPD [village code]
LAPK [Case ID]