Registering Participants

Registering participants at a training course

The training management system allows coordinators to create a training course, and record who participated in the training course. In order to be registered as a participant for a training course, an individual must first be registered as an iSIKHNAS user. The process is different, depending on whether they are new iSIKHNAS users (in which case they need to be registered with iSIKHNAS and registered for the training course) or existing iSIKHNAS users (they just need to be registered for the training course).

New iSIKHNAS users

For new iSIKHNAS users (who have not yet been registered to access iSIKHNAS), you should Register new users using a spreadsheet upload to iSIKHNAS.

Existing iSIKHNAS users

Existing users can be registered using a bulk spreadsheet upload. This section explains how to do this:

  1. Download the template spreadsheet
  2. Download the reference spreadsheet for the course
  3. Complete the user details
  4. Email the spreadsheet to iSIKHNAS