Staff Technical Development

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Staff Technical Development

Field Epidemiology


The training in field epidemiology has been developed to provide veterinary and para-veterinary field staff with the skills required to collect high quality surveillance data using a broader range of information about disease within the population, and to make better treatment and prevention decisions on the basis of the data collected.



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This course has been designed for people who are involved in planning or conducting surveillance, or who make decisions based on surveillance outputs.


Budget Advocacy


For Indonesian government staff who have responsibilities for preparing budgets requests, to be able to use analyses of animal health data together with animal health economics skills to support budget advocacy for improving animal health in Indonesia. In order to achieve this they will need to be able to:

  • Understand motivations, planning, communicating and presenting data in a persuasive
  • Describe how performance indicators can be used to measure progress or achievements of goals and how this data can support budget requests
  • Use iSIKHNAS data to estimate the cost of disease, estimate benefits from proposes animal health activities, and justify the proposed budget request.


Epidemiological Data Analysis using iSIKHNAS data

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National, provincial and kabupaten level animal health staff with responsibility for the use of data and epidemiological analysis.

The broader aim of the course is help participants make evidence-based animal health policy decisions which will assist them to improve livestock production and health in Indonesia. The course assumes considerable prior knowledge and it is recommended to complete the Excel (Basic and Intermediat), Basic Field Epidemiology and Surveillance courses. This course will analyse real iSIKHNAS data presented in three case studies. During each case study, participants will undertake practical exercises in order to answer key questions.


GIS for Animal Health

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The courses will be based on open-source free powerful GIS software (Quantum GIS). It uses pre-existing material developed for new QGIS users and provides participants with basic mapping skills. Chapter 16 "GIS for Animal Health" is specifically written for GIS users interested in animal disease mapping. Participants will learn how to use the software to generate usable disease distribution maps based on simple existing data sources in iSIKHNAS. The second part of the course will develop more advanced skills in GIS and data management using Quantum GIS, PostgreSQL, GRASS and other tools.




This course was first conducted in May 2013, prior to iSIKHNAS development. It will be undergoing revision to incorporate the use of data accessible through iSIKHNAS.


Disease Investigation


This is a practical course for para-vets and other field staff in a range of tasks including animal restraint, clinical examination, sample taking and handling, and the taking of a good case history.


Recognising Signs of Poor Health

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This course has been designed specifically for Pelsa (village reporters) who play a vital role at the village level in communicating health problems both general and priority in nature through the iSIKHNAS system. This course assists Pelsa in the recognition of abnormal signs and priority syndromes as well as the simple reporting mechanisms and benefits provided by the iSIKHNAS system.


Facilitation Guide

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This is a comprehensive guide for all staff preparing to facilitate a course, give a presentation or indeed give any kind of training. It has many practical tips and advice which should improve anyone's presentation or course.


Hangout Aplication

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Ini merupakan aplikasi dari Google yang bisa membantu anda dalam hal pelaporan isikhnas menggunakan jaringan internet. Dengan menggunakan Hangout laporan akan semakin cepat direspon oleh iSIKHNAS dibandingkan dengan SMS.


Glossary of Terms

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This is a glossary of useful terms related to epidemiology, animal health and data analysis which are often referred to in training manuals and other references developed for the purposes of supporting iSIKHNAS.