What are the benefits?

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What are the benefits?

For the users in the field

  • Fast, easy data entry, direct from the source
  • Immediate response for important problems
  • Lower data entry burden for everyone
  • Automatic data checking
  • System query functions - to get information from the system
  • Return messages confirming report details
  • Sustainable, integrated system using everyday technology
  • Regular reports generated automatically
  • More time for important work and less paperwork

For all users

  • Provides service and benefit to all users
  • Replaces a slow, paper-based system
  • Stronger support for decision makers
  • Immediate access to the data at all levels
  • User-friendly, flexible data sharing service
  • Automatic analyses for different routine purposes
  • Real time access to data in different formats

And all this ...

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  • Allows us to help farmers better.
  • Helps to reduce risks to rural communities and the livestock sector.

Win-win for data users

  • Data captured electronically in the field making field work easier
  • Data quickly and automatically available at higher levels for policy and decision-making.


  • Uses existing tools – mobile phones, SMS, spread sheets, web browser, e-mail
  • No new systems or software to learn.


  • Data reporting from the field to the database is direct and electronic
  • Immediate access to the latest data by all authorised stakeholders .


  • A single system for all relevant data available on a single website.


  • Based on open-source software
  • Developed to be managed and adapted by Indonesian staff
  • Open-access, easy to use training packages
    • New staff can learn how to use the system easily
    • Staff supported with additional courses to strengthen skills in the collection, management and use of data.