What is it for?

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What is it for?

iSIKHNAS is all about ...

  • getting the right information
  • to the right people
  • at the right time
  • in the right form

in order to help our farmers and secure a healthier future for Indonesia.

Provides a service to all

  • Provides real benefits to farmers and their communities
  • Allows everyone to use good evidence when making decisions
  • Gives direct benefits to staff at all levels
  • Improves communication
  • Makes reporting faster and easier
  • Removes the routine reporting burden.

What we can do now that we couldn't do before?

iSIKHNAS is changing the way we do things in many different areas by giving us access to data and analysis "in real time". Here are a few examples of the new power we have at our finger tips as a result. We can now -

  • Receive automatically generated reports about disease reported flexibly tailored to suit the interests of the recipient.
  • Produce maps of livestock movements and trace animals back to their origin
  • Generate tailor-made graphs, reports and spreadsheets of data of interest to you
  • Monitor staff activity accurately and prioritise training needs
  • See daily slaughter data for all abattoirs in Indonesia
  • Monitor the efficacy of breeding and artificial insemination programs
  • Monitor vaccination coverage accurately
  • Monitor and improve treatment regimes for better health outcomes
  • Keep a closer eye on the data for patterns of disease across the entire country
  • Automatically link laboratory data with surveillance programs
  • Link laboratory submissions with the laboratory system immediately and easily
  • Identify animals uniquely and keep records about their breeding
  • and much more