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Code Lists

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Codes are an important part of the iSIKHNAS system because they make the SMS messages short and fast to write. They also ensure that the data is correct and standardised. Codes help users to be disciplined about the data they submit and this in turn makes sure the data is used and managed efficiently by the system.

The codes have been developed with the help of many people, over a long period of time so that they can be as accurate and useful as possible. As the iSIKHNAS system grows and develops, some of these codes may change and new codes may be added but these changes will probably be small and infrequent.

If you need to print codes please use this website. This site has the MOST UP TO DATE codes. Please check from time to time for news of any major updates.

Don't forget that your telephone is the best source of up to date codes. Remember to use the query message formats such as KODE, CKO, CKP, CKT, CKJS, CKL etc for finding correct codes from the system.

Getting information from the system

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System codes

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