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Module 21 : Disease reporting for individually identified animals

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More and more individual animals are being registered with iSIKHNAS as part of the production and breeding monitoring programs around the country. The information about individual animals gathered through iSIKHNAS assists farmers, inseminators and dinas veterinary staff to monitor and record breeding and production data, to analyse these records and make good management decisions. Once an animal has been identified individually, the veterinary staff can also report other data and events for this animal, including disease reports, treatments and outcomes.

This module will help staff to report disease, treatments and outcomes for animals identified individually.

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It is the decision of individual livestock owners, inseminators, and animal health staff together to decide if they want to take advantage of the individual animal ID record keeping tools available through iSIKHNAS, but being involved allows;

  • Farmer notification that an animal is on heat (in oestrus) so that inseminators can be dispatched automatically to those farmers.
  • Safe collection, keeping and management of information about individual
    • Pregnancy test results
    • Live births
    • Calf weights
    • Abortions
    • Animal disposals
  • Everyone involved can query
    • Individual owner herd listings
    • Individual animal information
    • and lots more....

Including information about disease events and treatments affecting individual animals is the natural extension to these capabilities.

These features allow farmers access to detailed health and production history for each of their animals and also share important data for analysis so the animal health services can assist farmers more effectively.


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