Encouraging participation

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12. Encouraging participation

Ask yourself, “How can I make the material…

  • More meaningful and relevant?
  • More enjoyable?
  • Clearer and more straightforward?
  • More specific to the area, culture, practices?
  • More inclusive or participatory?
  • More varied?
  • Immediately useful?
  • More closely linked to the changes brought about through iSIKHNAS?”

Lay the right foundation - start getting participation early in the first few minutes of the first day

Use simple tools throughout the course

  • take a poll,
  • ask for opinions,
  • ask for questions, concerns or issues,
  • put a different point of view forward and ask for views.
  • Do a mini-quiz
  • Have a competition between two groups
  • Give your role of facilitator to someone so that they can run a session on a subject they are comfortable with
  • Break into groups and share the discussion facilitation job around
  • Deflect questions back to the group instead of answering them yourself
  • Use every participant’s name and ask for direct comment
  • Break into groups and then have groups report back, then use that as the basis for discussion.
  • Get people standing and moving about, and using the equipment or resources.
  • Use good body language that demonstrates the importance of every participant and invites participation
  • Use pauses in discussion and during questioning so that it gives people time to digest, build thoughts, draw on evidence and experience, and make arguments.